Wednesday, December 16, 2009


last saturday i went to my degree course mate, Oja, at teluk intan..
the trip included 4 cars & 12 people..the trip took sort of 3hours journey..fuh..we arrived at about 3pm
but then we were so happy n excited posed in actions with the brides that we forgot the penat jauh pejalanan..hehe.. feel happy for Oja & fairid (both are our course mates)..wish them happy ever after..dunia akhirat..amin..=)

about 8pm we arrived at shah alam..made a way to a place we called restaurant..hehehe..starving..aku lapa gile even baru pas makan td kat oja's recept..anyway..a few hours ago kan..logik la lapo..haha..
kitorg makan kuetiaw!charkuetiaw..uishhh..udang yg bnyakk...
sekian(xdek idea..sekadar update)..=)

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