Thursday, December 24, 2009

irritating & itchy (xdek kaitan ngan text kat bawah...haha)

its been awhile im not writing here just a short visit before the xmas holiday begin tomorrow..and...i can't wait for the times later when i will heading to KL to get my bus to dungun tonight! tomorow will be my course mate (aidil fariha)'s wedding..its his reception..i will stay or berkampung at isma's house..i have already asked her to buy me a ticket to kelantan..1am bus ticket...pergh..nway tq isma..heheh..

lame rasenye xbalik kg...seronok!
leh tgk tv...tdo..makan..main game...dengan tenangnye..fuhhh....even the holiday is only the short one...(aku amk cuti ari senin..)...xleh nk amek cuti lame2 sgt...huuu....its ok...the chinese new year's break will be a long one..yeay!

yesterday i made a short visit after working hour to IKEA at kota damansara...along with my colleagues..syok! was my 1st time visit to IKEA..hahah...syok la g sane..nsb baik duit xbape nak banyak..kalu x..selamat...hehe..(visit my facebook for some camera snaps (nur imirah's phonecamera)---=D)
nway..we were there to buy present for a pot luck day....present change on this 29th Dec...(seronok buka2 hadiah kat farmville..hehe)

so..until then for ya after the holidays...happy holiday!!


 syarina azreen

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