Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gReat tiMe paCkage

a week ago..on the weekend we have for aidiladha..

i was so intrigued......by NEW MOOn's call....that was so i cannot resist..rob pattinson & kristen stewart..they were really cute together..

i was alone heading to KLCC's TGV..& for sure there were a lot of people queuing for tickets..
3oo pm i've already sat in the cinema..next to a lonely ranger like me..a boy lonely ranger(he sat at the last row.hujung tepi skali..so aku org kedua tepi)..hahah..so i thought i was the only 1 who made the solo journey that day..

so it was..me seating next to a 'i dont know who he is'...watching the movie..it was so funny because at the moment of my presence he seems surprised(maybe he doesnt expect a GIRL to be seated next to him)..like i care (tapi aku pun terkejut gak..haha)...as long as aku leh tgk movie tu..even mostly viewers were couple & family..no big deal..=D

the movie..the story was great..the actions..the romance..the vampires (pale..red eyed..cool..)..the werewolfs (shirtless...short pant..muscles..hehe)..like i've expected...

some of the novel's readers said the movie slightly different compare to the story in the novel..(well..all novel based movies would do...)
i don't really know what were the differents because i havent read it though...heck yes..
but what i do know is (as told by the novel's readers) that jacob should be taller/bigger than edward.. (because he's a werewolf...duhh..)

i want to watch it again..& again..hehe..(okay..fanatically..i am obsess ..becoz maybe some of u juz see this movie in different way or think 2012/ other movies are more interesting)..


heading to KL sentral..then jalan TAR..sogo..

with kakjan..we have a short day trip..then at the night with bro izhar..her fiance..we're heading to kg baru to fill our energy tank..(perut)..haha..sangatla starving..

izhar brought us to a place..new place for me...ship theme.. ship there n there..floating..i dun really remember the restaurant's name..the place was very welcoming..i feel like going there again..hehe..mango juice & moroco chicken rice..burpp..oppss..sori guys..

so after we felt cannot go anymore (cannot go?haha)...erkk...hmm..so after the dinner..its time to sayonara the place..go back home..
the dinner was a great pleasant moment (blissful) with the two guardian..(big sis & bro..=D)

**those pictures above were uploaded from afzan's FB..thank you kak jan..n izhar..=)

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Afzan Ranai said...

I NEVER knew that u go watch new moon ALONE!! :'( I can be a great company, forever (just so u know okayy)

and.. the movie is far better than perfect but it was great :)

the ship kampung baru!jom pegi lagiii! kita mmg dua kurus yg kuat makannnn. kan? hehehe that is what so special bout hardly being fat! haha