Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mew - Comforting sounds

hai semua...
for now..(forever) i'm in love with this band!deeply in love...with their music..they do have soul n very creative..
i've been downloading their songs like nonstop..been listening to them all day n night...cam obses pulak..whatever pun i can say that all their songs fit my soul..yeah!



Thursday, May 20, 2010

here i go again..

hello there readers!
berhabuk sudah belog ini...fuhhh..tiup sikit..

i'm finally 25...yikes!(is it the time for me to freak out?)hell i don't wanna to..
so bersempena umur dh meningkat tua ini..aku rase aku kene la matang sikit..kene la improve to be better..pray for me friends..=)

i have some wishes i only can keep them secret..sorry guys..=P

nothing much actually happened few weeks before this date..oh..there's 1..some people know..=)
may all my wishes come true...amin..
& may Allah bless us all..

till we meet again ya...thank you for keep on reading my blog..=)