Saturday, December 25, 2010


hello readers!
thank you tau sape2 yang follow me..sape2 yang sudi baca tulisanku yang xseberapa ni..=') *terharu*

actually the thing i want to share here is just biasa je..sape2 yang rajin google tu mesti perasan kan google selalu tukar2 gambar or icon ape eh orang panggil tu? contohnya biasa kalau kita klik google terus keluar google yang biasa tu icon tu akan tukar ikut recent world event.
common Google
ni aku rase meatball spaghetti

so the latest google icon tu i am not sure what it's related to..for now the worlds event is Christmas rite..if you all click one by one of the featured will be linked to... for example as below pic  can see i was clicking the picture of indian ladies dancing aite? so the results i am getting is about the Indian dance styles..
Indian Dance Styles

others icon featured there are St. Basil's Cathedral which is located in Moscow, Russia..hmm..interesting kan?
so discover la all the items featured kat Google tu..which can lead to the 1 similar relation ..(maybe la (I've not trying it yet) bila korek punya korek..(erkk.xabes korek lg)..hehe...i found out that St. Basil' Cathedral tu cantik gila! ok..tengok pictures that I've googled below ni;

cantik tak??

cantik kan!!!
cantik kan!!!!really love to visit it (just to take some picture) when I am able to la..hehe..because i was fascinated by its architecture and colors! jika tengok betul2 sama je kan macam kubah masjid kan..the HUGE different is there were some of crosses je..
so if we do some research on what is St. Basil Cathedral is you can found that this is one of Christian church..the name is St.Basil..others info & history you want to know you may find them HERE & here....thank you!=)

so hello hello...

masjid kita ada lagi lagi cantik & I am really grateful if I can be there (Makkah) someday...insyaAllah ...amin..

Masjid Kristal , Kuala Terengganu

Masjid Nabawi , Madinah

May Allah bless us all..amin..=)

thank you!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

hello & hai & assalamualaikum!

yeah yeah!!
with all the gratitude i would like to make a short post also in terms of continuing the 30 days challenge yeah!

so let us not waste time people!

there is a habit that i wish i didn't have! ya like to ngantoks = sleepy right after a few minute of taking my why not take a short nap kejap & yeah!..serve you right syarina!*perut buncit*


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends.

hai hai hai!
assalamualaikum semua! (arini rasa nk tulis dalam english..sori grammar hancus..=P)

today I'm quite in a free mode so i guess i can jot down some words here... hehe
i finally have the time to continue the 30days quest..which i recently post it a few weeks ago..
today the title is ' A picture of you & your friends' together with the purpose of updating my blog (which i recently neglected) ..i proudly present to you some pictures of me with my friends..all these photos I've 'cilok' (cilok means steal)..hahah..ok2..i was not cilok just take the photos from her Facebook..thanks Hazimah..hehe..
having seafood at Tanjung Lumpur
with all except lily & bapak
@ R & R Temerloh
after her 'akad nikah'

those photos were taken during my 'rombongan' to Kuantan for my best friend's (Rina Mariana) wedding last Saturday & Sunday. when i first saw her in her nikah dress...i suddenly felt touched...there were so many memory i have with her during our college time..6 years I've been friend with her..

isn't she's adorable
happy go lucky
NEVER selfish
kind heart (very much)
above are 6 words can describe her the best i can say nothing else...maybe there are..but only the good words can fit her..=')
i am really grateful to be one of her friend..she knows me best..=') *cry*
i pray for her best for her happiness for her bless from Allah..

congratulation RINA MARIANA


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2nd ~ The meaning behind your Blog name.

Selamat pagi semua!!!!
Setelah sekian yang tidak lama  ...baru hari ni nak sambung balik komitmen menulis belog yang tidak seberapa ni..sambung balik perjanjian 30 hari ..hehe

ok.berbalik kepada tajuk 'The meaning behind your blog name' blog name..the path..actually blog ni awalnya guna nama aku je..nama sendiri..syarina azreen..sebab aku ni payah nak memikir nama lain..senang letak je nama sendiri..lagipun awal2 dulu xaktif sangat berbelog ni..pastu aku rasa aku ada tukar jadi nama ape ntah..lupe sebab rasa mcm nak tukar tp sekejap je...then baru tukar jadi 'The Path' nama 'The Path' ni as korang pun leh agak la kot..most related to my life journey..sort of la..

just so you know..the purpose of making this blog adalah untuk mengisi masa feeling (bagus bila kita ingin meluahkan apa yang terpendam) which is one  of the alternative ways of expressing our emotions & feelings bila kita rasa tensi!
maafkan aku jika bahasa di blog ni bercampur baur bahasa nya..satu lagi tujuan menulis blog ni adalah untuk improve lagi my English...cewah..ada kan kadang2 aku tulis blog ni dalam english..(tunggang langgang jugak kan..) bahasa melayu aku pun serabai je kan..haha..

ok2..thank you kawan2 ..beribu2 terima kasih kepada kawan2 yang sudi meluangkan masa mebaca blogku ini..aku hanya menulis apa yang dapat ku tuilis untuk di kongsi bersama kawan2..terima kasih..mmmuahhss!