Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends.

hai hai hai!
assalamualaikum semua! (arini rasa nk tulis dalam english..sori grammar hancus..=P)

today I'm quite in a free mode so i guess i can jot down some words here... hehe
i finally have the time to continue the 30days quest..which i recently post it a few weeks ago..
today the title is ' A picture of you & your friends' together with the purpose of updating my blog (which i recently neglected) ..i proudly present to you some pictures of me with my friends..all these photos I've 'cilok' (cilok means steal)..hahah..ok2..i was not cilok just take the photos from her Facebook..thanks Hazimah..hehe..
having seafood at Tanjung Lumpur
with all except lily & bapak
@ R & R Temerloh
after her 'akad nikah'

those photos were taken during my 'rombongan' to Kuantan for my best friend's (Rina Mariana) wedding last Saturday & Sunday. when i first saw her in her nikah dress...i suddenly felt touched...there were so many memory i have with her during our college time..6 years I've been friend with her..

isn't she's adorable
happy go lucky
NEVER selfish
kind heart (very much)
above are 6 words can describe her the best i can say nothing else...maybe there are..but only the good words can fit her..=')
i am really grateful to be one of her friend..she knows me best..=') *cry*
i pray for her best for her happiness for her bless from Allah..

congratulation RINA MARIANA



^ruset^ said...

waa bestnye g wedding kwn ngan kwn rmai2..uhuk..congrats and all the best to rina too..:)

syarina azreen said...


Aura Afzan said...

so cumil lah our rinaaa..
huhu, too bad I cant make it. I've made myself "boundaries" these days since the days in just around the corner. hope Rina&husband will be happily ever after. just like the fairy tales ;)