Thursday, December 31, 2009


assalamualaikum semua..=D
bnyak nk update ni..eceh
hmm...last xmas holiday, i have my trip to dungun on the way back to my hometown,kelantan..oopps...i have told u bout this earlier la..lupe..
okay2..the gmbar2 are here now...=)                                              rindu nak pegi sane lagi..sembang2 ngan isma..luahan perasaan..gosip bergosip..hahaha...excited bile nampak pantai..dekat sngat kalu nk kne tggu musim tengkujuh habes nk wat trip BMCT ke pulau redang...or other beaches...besnye!!!xsabar nk snorkelling!yeay!so aku (seperti yg telah dilantik secara tak rasmi oleh kekawan yg ade skali time kat dungun) adalah setiausaha xterlatih..akan membuat 1 proposal utk trip reunion BMCT 04-08.. adeh..kne bekeje keras ni..hehe..anyway dah dapat 1 suggestion..iaitu ke redang with bajet RM250/person with bbq..(tq fariha-the wedding's bride)wow..menarik...bes2..=).. so aku kne pk date yg sesuai pulak..supaya semua org or majority dapat pegi..baru happening!kan....?okay...cayok2!
last tuesday(29/12/2009),ade year party as i heard...sort of pot i told you all before in my earlier post..hehe..syok gile..ade game..makan2..& tukar2 hadiah..we have sate,nasik lemak,tembikai,pisang,nenas,rendang ayam..fuh...sedap...pas makan...main2 budak2..rebut ni yg ni versi lain ckt..haha..bukan org & kerusi yg semakin kerusi je yg kurang..orang2 nye yg korg pk???
kene tindih menindih la duduk atas 1 kerusi !hahaha..kelakar gile la...gelak smpai keluar air mata..hehe...ape yg penting semua puas ati, seronok & released setelah penat keje..kan...?
so smpaila mase nk tukar2 hadiah...eah person kene bli present n present2 ni akan ditampal no. so nanti semua akan cabut undi..dapat la no. yg akan mnentukan which present they will it?hehehe...aku dapat teddy bear yg sgt cute!!!!! seperti dlm gmbar..hehe..comel..nak letak name pe ye..haha.. was it this time guys...see ya after holidays!
happy new plan...whatever new la...

happy happy...may Allah bless u all...=)

p/s: yaya(my colleague) had give birth her 1st baby boy on 25 Dec 2009..congratulation to her..=)

syarina azreen

Thursday, December 24, 2009


430 pm..thursday..24th dec 2009...
yaya (my colleague) telah dikejarkan ke hospital for her 1st baby!!
i missed the pecah air ketuban moment!

may ALLAH protect her & her baby.....may they both will be fine..amin...=)

irritating & itchy (xdek kaitan ngan text kat bawah...haha)

its been awhile im not writing here just a short visit before the xmas holiday begin tomorrow..and...i can't wait for the times later when i will heading to KL to get my bus to dungun tonight! tomorow will be my course mate (aidil fariha)'s wedding..its his reception..i will stay or berkampung at isma's house..i have already asked her to buy me a ticket to kelantan..1am bus ticket...pergh..nway tq isma..heheh..

lame rasenye xbalik kg...seronok!
leh tgk tv...tdo..makan..main game...dengan tenangnye..fuhhh....even the holiday is only the short one...(aku amk cuti ari senin..)...xleh nk amek cuti lame2 sgt...huuu....its ok...the chinese new year's break will be a long one..yeay!

yesterday i made a short visit after working hour to IKEA at kota damansara...along with my colleagues..syok! was my 1st time visit to IKEA..hahah...syok la g sane..nsb baik duit xbape nak banyak..kalu x..selamat...hehe..(visit my facebook for some camera snaps (nur imirah's phonecamera)---=D)
nway..we were there to buy present for a pot luck day....present change on this 29th Dec...(seronok buka2 hadiah kat farmville..hehe)

so..until then for ya after the holidays...happy holiday!!


 syarina azreen

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


last saturday i went to my degree course mate, Oja, at teluk intan..
the trip included 4 cars & 12 people..the trip took sort of 3hours journey..fuh..we arrived at about 3pm
but then we were so happy n excited posed in actions with the brides that we forgot the penat jauh pejalanan..hehe.. feel happy for Oja & fairid (both are our course mates)..wish them happy ever after..dunia akhirat..amin..=)

about 8pm we arrived at shah alam..made a way to a place we called restaurant..hehehe..starving..aku lapa gile even baru pas makan td kat oja's recept..anyway..a few hours ago kan..logik la lapo..haha..
kitorg makan kuetiaw!charkuetiaw..uishhh..udang yg bnyakk...
sekian(xdek idea..sekadar update)..=)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gReat tiMe paCkage

a week ago..on the weekend we have for aidiladha..

i was so NEW MOOn's call....that was so i cannot resist..rob pattinson & kristen stewart..they were really cute together..

i was alone heading to KLCC's TGV..& for sure there were a lot of people queuing for tickets..
3oo pm i've already sat in the to a lonely ranger like me..a boy lonely ranger(he sat at the last row.hujung tepi aku org kedua tepi) i thought i was the only 1 who made the solo journey that day..

so it seating next to a 'i dont know who he is'...watching the was so funny because at the moment of my presence he seems surprised(maybe he doesnt expect a GIRL to be seated next to him) i care (tapi aku pun terkejut gak..haha) long as aku leh tgk movie tu..even mostly viewers were couple & big deal..=D

the movie..the story was great..the actions..the romance..the vampires ( werewolfs (shirtless...short pant..muscles..hehe) i've expected...

some of the novel's readers said the movie slightly different compare to the story in the novel..(well..all novel based movies would do...)
i don't really know what were the differents because i havent read it though...heck yes..
but what i do know is (as told by the novel's readers) that jacob should be taller/bigger than edward.. (because he's a werewolf...duhh..)

i want to watch it again..& again..hehe..(okay..fanatically..i am obsess ..becoz maybe some of u juz see this movie in different way or think 2012/ other movies are more interesting)..


heading to KL sentral..then jalan TAR..sogo..

with kakjan..we have a short day trip..then at the night with bro izhar..her fiance..we're heading to kg baru to fill our energy tank..(perut)..haha..sangatla starving..

izhar brought us to a place for me...ship theme.. ship there n there..floating..i dun really remember the restaurant's name..the place was very welcoming..i feel like going there juice & moroco chicken rice..burpp..oppss..sori guys..

so after we felt cannot go anymore (cannot go?haha) after the dinner..its time to sayonara the place..go back home..
the dinner was a great pleasant moment (blissful) with the two guardian..(big sis & bro..=D)

**those pictures above were uploaded from afzan's FB..thank you kak jan..n izhar..=)

Monday, November 23, 2009

song of the year...EDIT!

song of my heart..perghh..bukanla..lagu yg boleh tahan aku layan tahun ni..
taylor swift's songs...mcm budak2 je aku minat lagu2 taylor swift..lantak la..layankan aje..lagu jiwangggggggggg......gagigugegego story(jiwang siot)

'romeo take me somewhere we can be alone..i'll be waiting..' belong with me..

'If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along, so why can't you see?
you belong with me, you belong with me...'



'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen feeling like there's nothing to figure out
Well, count to ten, take it in
This is life before you know who you're gonna be..............

4. 2 is better than 1

So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one....

the all american rejects;
'i wanna i wanna i wanna touch u...u wanna touch me too..'
bes pe lagu ni..

keri hilson ft neyo & kanye west;

knock u down..
bes lagu ni..

'I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did(As hard as I did, yeah)
You got me thinkin' bout our life our house and kids, yeah
Every mornin' I look at you and smile
'Cause boy you came around and you knocked me down
Knocked me down
Sometimes love comes around..
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
Sometimes love comes around
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down'

lagu2 lain:
falloutboys~~america's suiteheart
jason derulo~~watcha say
BEP~~meet me halfway
lady gaga~~bad romance,paparazzi
***bnyk la lagi lagu...cek chart la..haha

lagu kdg2 dapat xpress our feeling..betol x??ke xbetol?bloody hell..(teringat ronald weasly~harry potter)
mcm aku..kdg2 xpndai nk express feeling through own words..eceh..

##pepehal pun kat bawah aku list kan songs of my lifetime (lagu2 yg xpenah lekang dek panas..erkk..alamak..betul ke x ni..wei ape peribahasa tu aku lupe)...

~muse's-unintended (awesome!!!terbaek!!what more can i say to describe the music genius!)

~coldplay's-yellow (yes!coldplay!!!their music!i love chris martin.his voice..that's it.that's all!)
~oasis-don't look back in anger(this song give me strenght!!i don't know lagu ni jadikan aku berbunga2 di hati..aiseyman..pelik jugek)

~mariah carey-hero [yes!this song too-give me strenght-used to (always) sing along with a fren~aishah amir..=))]

~no doubt-don't speak (1st song, as i'd remember la, that i love so much ~1st heard when i was 10yearsold)

~radiohead-creep [sangat creeping ke dalam hati aku~~kdg2 teringat......(-.-)]

~s club 7-never had a dream come true(wah..lagu ni...time form5 okay..adela memori isk..)

~edwin mcain-i'll be..(=.=)..."i'll be...ur crying shoulder..."~.~

~the beatles(evereverevergreen nih...hey jude..yesterday..across the universe(lagu ni mmbe aku yg kenalkan)..)

~the archies-sugar,sugar(okay,jom kite menari!oo yeay..)

~third eye blind-i want something else...!!to get me through this

~oh where,oh where can my baby be.....ha..sape nyanyi lagu ni??tekala sndirik!

~weezer-perfect situation(lagu ni sgt aku sukai & lagu2 diorg ni bes..what more can i say..)

~craig david-walking away(lagu kenangan zaman sekolah)

~the cranberries' songs..sixpence non the richer..all i do like..luv

~jason mraz & colbie caillat-lucky....(paling baru masuk i luv...)

~lily allen-smile(cool lyric!)----lagu2 (the fear,littlest thing,etc)minah ni bes!

p/s:jgn salah paham..aku suke gak lagu melayu...:B

~misha omar-semoga abadi..(heheh..jiwang beb!...lagu2 die aku suke..suara die aku suke..bias org kelate..haha)

~dato' ct-aku cinta padamu..(perghhh..mmg jiwang karat besi..lagu yg selalu aku wat karaoke..alamak rindu nk karaoke ngan membe2 mcm dulu..huhu)

~blackrose-abadi & penantian(rock kapak aku suke sejak kali pertama mendengarnye..wah..)

~faizal tahir-cuba,bencinta(lirik2 die aku die aku layan)

~M.NASIR..ya M.NASIR...aku suke..dah la gile..lagu sentuhan listrik..

perghh..korg dgrla sndiri..menusuk kalbu aku..

*setiap lagu ade memori & mencerite hidup kite yg tersendiri....

anda juga.. kompem ade lagu yg beri makna tersirat....kan....?

tp xsemua msej @ cite kite dpt smpaikan via lagu ..melalui kata2..melalui tulisan..kdg2 diam je..xpayah nk bersuara..pun dh xsemua org boleh paham pulak..diam je la selagi leh diam..besuara bile pelu..kalu rase kata2 tu xdek makne baik diam..speak wisely..bnyk cakap ni susah jugak..dr menyakitkan ati org baik kite diam..jgn la telampau diam nanti org kate kite bisu @ xpndai besosial pulak..

ha...tu dia madah2 dari aku..bukan nk berfalsafah @ berlagak pndai dlm kate2 sekadar meluahkan pendapat..kalu rase kate2 tu cm bebelit2..susunla sndiri..hehe..jgn marah r.. nanti kene jual..

dan.............skang ni aku xsabar..mmg sgt xsabar menunggu NewMoon!!!

oh robert pattinson (edward cullen)...!!he's so damn hot my heart would melt everytime i saw his johnny depp( scissorhands) tetap di hati!!

*****wow...baru dpat coklat dari Callie..fresh dari Australia..Ferrero ape Ferrero rocher la kot...thank you Callie!!!...(sgt teharu..heheh)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

setelah sekian lama

setelah sekian lama;

i) xmenulis..(eceh)...

baru2 ni gile bz keje dtg xhenti..semua nk cepat..kalu la idea pun mencurah2 kne terima je la..dh masuk dlm bidang ni kene la sentiasa ber'idea' yg mencurah2..skang ni barula rase leh benafas ckt..(tummy in..tummy out...erkk..tarik nafas ni..)..konon baru leh mencoret kat blog la..

wpun bz pd hari bekeje..hari mggu adalah hari mggu..cuti adalah way of thinking about any f***ing (sori for the bad word friends..but i still wanna say it..feel lega sometimes..hwever the zikir/mengaji still the best remedy for jiwa yg mencari ketenangan) unimportant life's problem (never ever worth to think about)!

i maybe need a lot of time to eliminate some problem (the same old problems) from my benak fikiran/memori otak ni..time will tell..duhh..but shorter time if family & friends are with us...& i thank u them yg selama ni bnyk sgt support aku dr bnyk segi..
kdg2 aku rase telalu lembik sbb rase diri ni telalu naif..telalu baik (ke??)..telalu mengalah..telalu hard to say NO!..telalu menjaga perasaan org lain sdgkan perasaan sndri it is true..damn true..pengalaman hidup bnyk mengajar kite utk jadi lebih matang & bijak mengatur kehidupan masa hadapan..mengorak langkah..untuk sukses..dunia akhirat..insyaAllah..

ii)sepi.. xpasti how the 'thing' is going to b in the future..apepun dh lain dr dulu kot...
tp 'why' is the word yg bemain kat minda...adakah aku yg telalu befikir???
aku sgt benci keadaan yg mcm's sooooooo awkward & pelik...
ke aku ni sbnrnye menipu diri sndiri...???x aku telah misundestood selama ni??
wtever the fish thing it is...i still mengharapkan bende ni back to normal condition or even better not worse...insyaAllah..
ape2 pun kite mesti enjoy!!!(gaya puteri nora danish)..konon gmbr kat bwh tu aku njoy la ye..heheh..selamat mencuba!(xdek kaitan)

Sunday, October 25, 2009



sabtu lepas..17/10/09..aku g wedding mmbe mara pc dlu..husband die punye side..kat bangi..g je la sbb xdpt g yg kat tganu..lgpun die ajak..mmbe2 yg lain pn nk g..ikut je..sort of reunion gak la sbb kwn2 rapat time skolah lu sume dtg..mkan pun ckt je sbb xcited sgt jumpe diorg..sembang xabes!tp....cendol sgt sdap...aiseh..rase teringin nk mkn cendol lak skang tetibe..
esoknye..ahad..aku amek test computer lesen...&..aku LULUS!!!!yes!thank ALLAH to this..time nk amek test semacam jek rasenye..sbb dh lame sgt xamek test..(since final exam uni)...perasaan gemuruh jiwa gitu..haha..apepun..aku nk amek next session kat metro driving academy to bile la pulak lg kan...malas betol..tggu next month la..hehehe..
bangun sgtla lmbt dari tdo..kul 1245..noon ok..haha..bgun tdo bgun tdo..weekend beb!bile lg nk bgun yg sgt la begitu lewat..haha..nk kuar xdek motif lak aku rase sbb aku sorg...nk ajak mmbe mls..knon nk tggu org ajak la..then while im enjoying my roti scramble egg..choc milk..arjun rampal (most handsome n who get me xbekelip memandangnya)...(hindustan movie on tv3) handphone cite..kitorg kat midvalley bershopping2..!!penat & lapo membawa kami ke secret recipe..sembang2..yogurt cheese yg sooo cheese cake will be that way too..hehehe..
i end up at cc..blogging..facebook(never get tired of FB..)haahaha..definitely..maybe..
ramai bebenor teenagers yg umornye aku rase 13-15 kot..budak2 sek rendah pun ade!dh pndai men myspace..suke sgt diorg ni..generasi zaman skang....kalu dh pndai jalan..becakap...sume jadi..hmmm....
btw...sgt kesal & sedih dgan kes2 rogol kanak2 yg semakin menjadi2..=(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ade lagi...

lupe...ari rabu: 8tv>>>>2200-2300~~
the Reaper!!!bes & lawak sgt!

ari khamis ade america's next top model lak..kul 10pm gak rasenye...kat 8tv baru cycle 9...haish..kat us dah cycle 13 kot..dan.......aku dh tau sape yg menangnye...korg pun mesti dh tau gak...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


semenjak 2 menjak ni rutin malam aku adalah mnonton TV!
nasib baik la tiap2 ari dlm weekdays ade cite bes yg leh wat aku melekat kat aku xla sangap sgt sbb laptop utk main game(function utama laptop) xdek dah!!
2030-2130(Ntv7)~~~Lie To Me
2230-2330(8tv)~~~~Burn Notice
2130-2230(8tv)~~~Pushing daisies
2230-2330(8tv)~~~GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!(must watch!!)shhh...xoxo...=D
blogger boy ari pe ye?rabu ke khamis?
NURKASIH!!!!!!=)))semua cite ni adalah tidak mengecewakan..percayalah..haha

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


congratulation to my fren! for her will be another new beginning(i think) in her life after her beautiful engagement day...=D...tahniah n happy for her..hope she will be blessed pray for me also my sis afzan..hehehe..gmbar2 ini dicilok dari her facebook..(k.jan dun mind kan..hehe)...huhu..sdey xdpt muncul dlm gmbr2 ni...of coz sdey gak xsmpat muncul...anak kat ina..NABIL pun dh besar!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

way to malacca...

i will be on journey to malacca today...3/10/2009..attending 1 of my close fren's convocation..but actually i will not make it the ceremony bcoz the event is happening i will juz meet her after that...cant wait!=D
also...tonight will be my classmates(BMCTs) gathering...ikan bakar....nyum2...woooooshhhhh...


otw balik ke KL..aku tumpang membe adik aku a.k.a membe aku gak..a.k.a ex-neighbour..kekawan time2 kecik2 lagi behingus dulu...lica n cirah...kitorng sggah raub jap..umah me besfren!!!me longtime no c besfren!...NORMA ADRINA(luv her)..touching gak memule tu..smpai speechless..asek nk gelak je..sbb sgt seronok dpt jumpe blk..senyum smpai ke telinga smpai lenguh rahang aku..haha. ktorang sembang smpai xsedar almost 2hours kat ctu..nsb baek our journey to KL dh xlame..nk smpai dh..2-3 jam je lg..mkn nasi minyak yg mak die masak..amek2 gmbr lg..hehehehehe...bes! all this image taken from her blog...=D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

isi mase lapang

suits luv writing best in writing...---updating--
saje suke2 cipta blog yg mybe xbape nk menerujakan sesape yg tersinggah utk membaca dan diorg mybe xcontinue sggah lg in the future..~~

ape2 pun singgah2 la ye..(sesape je yg notice)wahahaa

Monday, August 17, 2009

dah lame gile xupdate...

assalamualaikum follower2 ku..cewah..(ade 2org je kot..ntah..lame gile baru nk update blog n aku cm tehegeh2 nk update)
pada tarikh 17/8/2009 iaitu arini..1828 hours (ikut jam pc ofis ni)..aku telah menaip cite2 tebaru aku..hehe
aku telah bejaye meng'improve'kan diriku dengan menempatkan diri ke dalam bidang kerjaya...(product designer)...ALHAMDULILLAH...thanks to Nur Imirah....i owe her a lot..i could say that part of who am i now is becoz of her..TQ Nur!!!!
so far aku kat cni ok..adeh...nk tulis pe lg ha...nanti2 la....huehuehuehhehe..
gmbr2 yg dikepilkan besama post ini xdek kaitan dgn hasil tulisan ini tp ade kaitan dgn yg aku wat dlm tahun 2009 ni...sbbnye latest update blog ni pun thn lepas...=D