Wednesday, January 5, 2011


hello selamat pagi assalamualaikum semua!

nothing much this morning
i just steal a little few minutes to share something short simple yet maybe informative

last 2 days (monday) i have went to a new restaurant located right in front of Giant Kota Damansara.
so enjoy all the pictures uploaded ..hehe..I ate what is called something in chinese la...dah lupa..but at the end of the name ada noodle la..and  ice lemon tea =D
my meal
that's nur's meal; noodle ape ntah..hehe
outside view

ni aku ingat...TROPICAL MIXED FRUIT cream la kan!hehe

somewhere in the place...=)
the place called ICE ROOM and as i can say you can find many flavor of ice cream in the menu...the main dish mostly ala Chinese meal..there were also western  & Italian food..not to forget Malay food such as nasi lemak & asam why don't you guys go there & give it a try! i would say the food is good..=)...oh we can also read some magazines provided there..not to forget the greeting & services were delightful (tauke turun padang beb..=))

& ok...just on the side of the restaurant there is a place call Sekinchan Ikan Bakar..i feel like going guys!..hehe..jom!!!

ok.daaa..thank you!!=)


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