Tuesday, January 12, 2010

brand new

ya...brand new page...welcome2..^.*
greeting to everyone who read my writing...

this writing is my 1st entry of this new year...hoorey!!!!...(finally i made it..)
maybe its not too late to wish all of u happy new yeaR!!! ^_^

i've nothing much to say because i am actually on my working hours right now (curik mase jap..)..hehe..
actually i want to test my 1st entry with my new web signature..haha..i created it by following the tips on a website..i assumed u already know kot...

so now its almost been 2 weeks on new year right? this coming thursday, 14 january, i will undergoing my driving test with JPJ..fuhh...i hope there will be nothing to be fear of and hope the test will be just fine..and i will get through it smoothly...hehe..amin...

a few days before i have nothing obviously happening aroung me..just want to share some fun facts..cewah..hehe..last weekend i went to shah alam to get my parcel (readers digest) at the post office..then i went to SACC mall which i have met a celebrity who some of you know...Irma Hasmie..kenal x?
ala...pelakon cite aliff firdaus kat TV3 yg replace Nur Kasih tu..hehehe...yang kelakarnye..i was so excited (xleh nak bendung lagi)(padahal xminat pun..)..(asalkan artis ..excited aje..ehhehe)..i called my friend nak cite..haha..she was eating alone at Secret Recipe..she just pretty as we always saw her on tv..naseb baik xbuat gile g amek autograph (tapi zaman skang org trus amek gmbr skali je kan..)..ok2..so i wat cool je..after beli a slice of classic cheesecake..aku terus blah..konon cool..padahal..hehehe..

okay..that was the day..

i will catch up with u all later!

p/s: i just change my background..polka dot pink..girly gitu..haha..nak tukar kepala blog ni lagi..xsempat lagi ni..adeh


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