Wednesday, October 19, 2011


note: this entry got nothing to do in hurting anyone.just for sharing information. sorry & thank u.

Assalamualaikum & good evening people,

This is just came into my head while i was 'feeding' my eyes on some blogs I've been following.(since i have been very very very busy lately with non-stop job coming like monthssssss-which mean before this i got time to read in the office~~~ooppppsss..hahaha).

ok.back to the topic that i want to exactly share with you; did you ever heard of pig skin lining in some of leather product such as shoes & bags?

em..i am not sure about this.years ago there were some exposure on pig skin lining have been used on some leather product without having Muslim noticing it which i mean there was no any label saying that the shoe/bag etc is with pig skin lining..of course we have seen this kind of label such as @topshop or any big branding name.thank you to we are aware.
ok.regarding that issue i heard & read about the signification of the pig skin.what i have understood that the skin had 3 dot which come in not only 2 patterns...but many..oh i hate this part!!!!!because we maybe have been wearing one of them don't wanna know when aite?arghhhhh!!!

so i've been Google-ing this & found this
for miss karipap sayur,
i linked it over to you.sorry & thank you. =)

with love (ececeh)


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